CED EU INFO 2015/02

Issue 2 - May 2015


Dental amalgam safe for restorative treatment

On 8 May, the European Commission and SCENIHR published the Final opinion on the safety of dental amalgam and alternative dental restoration materials for patients and users. SCENIHR concludes that current evidence does not preclude the use of either amalgam or alternative materials in dental restorative treatment. The choice of material should be based on patient characteristics such as primary or permanent teeth, pregnancy, the presence of allergies to mercury or other components of restorative materials, and the presence of impaired renal clearance.

SCENIHR recognises that there is a need for further research, particularly (i) to evaluate the potential neurotoxicity of mercury from dental amalgam and the effect of genetic polymorphisms on mercury toxicity; and (ii) to expand knowledge of the toxicity profile of alternative dental restorative materials. Furthermore, there is a need for the development of new alternative materials with a high degree of biocompatibility.

The opinion states that in the EU, there is currently a shift away from the use of dental amalgam in oral health care towards an increased use of alternative materials.

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