CED EU INFO 2015/02

Issue 2 - May 2015



Media Campaign 'medsdisposal - easier than you think'

The CED is involved in the preparations for a social media campaign on appropriate personal medication disposal. The official launch of the joint social media campaign "medsdisposal - easier than you think" is planned for 4 June.

The aim of the campaign is to raise public awareness on appropriate waste disposal of personal medication and to gather information via a dedicated website - www.medsdisposal.eu (still under construction) - about the correct waste disposal of personal medicines per EU country, in order to avoid pharmaceuticals in the environment. Twitter: #medsdisposal

The CED joined the campaign in March 2015 to help raise awareness to this important problem. The campaign is being organised  by EFPIA, EGA and AESGP, and other partners include PGEU, EPSA, GIRP and EurEau. The campaign leader (EFPIA) continues to search for other entities to join and/or endorse the campaign.



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